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The Next 25 Years!

Obviously, technology will continue to play an important role in our success. We constantly evaluate and upgrade our equipment and software. We also investigate new technologies for analysis and design. Building Information Modeling is one tool that has the potential to improve the way we convey information.

But most important is our commitment to continue to train and support our most important assets, our employees. We cannot stay in business without constant improvement. We look outside to seminars, classes, and other training opportunities. We also look within to develop our capabilities and standards. This is how we work to improve capabilities to provide coordinated, accurate designs that add value and meet our clients’ project goals.

In the coming years we will work to strengthen relationships with our clients, our colleagues, and the community. We will move into new areas by applying our current expertise, learning new methods, and building alliances in order to meet the needs of our clients. We will seek opportunities to provide services in the fields of Building Information Modeling, Safety and Security, and Green Technologies.

We will continue to provide Professional Design Services to Industrial and Commercial clients. We will also continue to work with Architects and Contractors to support design and construction. We plan to build our relationships with design team partners by hosting In-House Seminars to build the overall knowledge base.

Finally, we plan to be a “right-sized” company. Our success has been based on providing personal, responsive answers to our client’s projects. We do not plan to grow into a mega-sized engineering firm working only on large projects. Every project will continue to be important. We want to continue to be a firm that relates to the individual as well as the corporate. While we will not be all things to all clients, we will be the right choice to the right client.

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