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  • Marriott Springhill Suites

    Lynchburg, VirginiaStructural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for a 55,000 square foot, 106 bed, four-story hotel including pool, conference rooms, and amenity space.  Located in Campbell County, Virginia.
  • Lynchburg High Apartments

    Lynchburg, VirginiaStructural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design to fully renovate and upgrade a 70-unit apartment complex in an historic high school building, including handicapped units, community space, and common areas. All design accomplished according to federal housing regulations.

    Bedford County, VirginiaOriginal project involved a full facility condition assessment of a former county-owned nursing home being partially used by the Department of Parks and Recreation, to determine if it was practical to continue to use it and what it could best be suited for in the future. The next step involved a Programming Study, which resulted in the decision to renovate the facility to house the Parks & Recreation and Cooperative Extension departments. The renovation design included a new hip roof for the 21,000 SF building; new HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services. The new facility includes space for the public’s use including meeting areas, a kitchen, and conference rooms.

    Bedford County, VirginiaStructural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for a new 60,000 sq. ft. electronic parts conveyor manufacturing and assembly plant in the New London Business & Technology Center . Includes 12,000 sq. ft. of offices, a 15,000 sq. ft. machine shop, an 1,800 sq. ft. paint shop and 30,000 sq. ft. for the assembly plant.

    Bedford County, VirginiaProject Management, and structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design for 40,000 square foot industrial shell building in the New London Business & Technology Center designed for future fit-out and expansion.

    Lynchburg, VirginiaThe Virginian Lynchburg, Curio Collection by Hilton has been a centerpiece of downtown Lynchburg since 1913. This magnificent hotel was thoughtfully restored to its historic grandeur and refreshed with modern amenities, after being used as an apartment building for many years.  It boasts suites with living areas and even dining rooms, an 8,000 SF event space, a coffee shop, lobby gift shop, a 24-hour business center, fitness center, and a newly constructed rooftop restaurant and bar. A new private parking deck allows self-parking. Master Engineers provided the structural design for all of the renovations and restorations, including the roof-top amenities, as well as the Main Street parking deck.

    Lynchburg, VirginiaThe original project involved the design of a new 66,000 square foot medical office building for a private practice cardiology group. The lower level of the facility was left unfinished to allow for future growth. In 2015, Centra Health (the current owners) elected to finish the lower level of approximately 27,000 square feet for office and medical procedure spaces. Master Engineers designed the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems. During the renovation, existing plumbing and electrical services were utilized and new HVAC systems were designed for the area. Systems in additional areas were adapted to serve new space layouts.
  • Creekside Trail Extension

    City of Lynchburg
  • Amherst Medical Center

    Price StudiosThis project included the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design of a new, 17,500 square-foot medical center in Amherst, VA.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used to complete this project. Click here to read some news stories about the construction of the medical center.
  • Amelon United Methodist Church

    Harrison & Hardison ArchitectsThis project involved structural, mechanical and electrical design for a new 16,000 square foot church facility created for the joining of two existing churches. The structure included a 450-person Sanctuary, offices, classrooms, nursery school and common areas.  The project also involved the preparation of performance specifications to obtain bids for a new sound system. The Sanctuary was designed with a sloped floor, circular seating and an arched ceiling to enhance viewing and participation for the congregation.
  • Peakland United Methodist Church

    Winthrop & AssociatesThis project involved additions and alterations in two phases, including; HVAC design, boiler replacement, heat pump addition, auxiliary electric heat addition and upgrading electrical to three phase; new lighting, receptacles, telecommunications voice, data and video structured cabling system and fire detection and alarm systems.  This project also included the enclosure of a courtyard and addition of a new facility. A companion project involved design of a new lighting system for the Fellowship Hall. Our firm also performed an acoustical evaluation of the existing Sanctuary and design and recommendation to improve the acoustics.
  • Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church

    Architectural PartnersThis project involved structural, mechanical and electrical design for classroom renovations as well as; plumbing, electrical and structural design for renovations to the existing Chapel, Ministry Center and Fellowship Hall. Project included the addition of an elevator and an overall upgrade of the facility to bring it into compliance with modern codes and conveniences.
  • Randolph College, Student Center

    Architectural PartnersThis project included the mechanical performance specs and electrical design of the new Student Center constructed as an addition to historic Main Hall. Highlights include a 3-story entry vestibule with floor-to-ceiling windows and staircase, a two-level fitness center on the top floor, a 90-seat theatre on the top floor, open gathering spaces designed for students, additional conference and reception rooms, an improved Skeller (student grill), a wraparound outside deck, an entertainment floor (with pool tables, ping-pong, and foosball games) a glass-enclosed studio for the student radio station, and new student government and publications offices.
  • Western Branch High School Photovoltaic System

    Antares GroupA solar energy system consisting of 3,000 solar panels was installed on the roof of Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, VA. It is currently the largest roof mounted photovoltaic system in Virginia. Master Engineers And Designers performed an evaluation to determine if the existing roof structures were adequate to support the additional load from the solar panels. This evaluation included an analysis of long span trusses that support the roof over the auditorium and gymnasium.
    Click here to read a news story about the ribbon cutting ceremony of this system.
  • Liberty University, Hancock Visitor Center

    Glass & AssociatesThe Hancock Welcome Center was constructed on a hill near Williams Baseball Stadium, where the old Hancock Athletic Center stood for many years. The style of the 32,000 square foot building is inspired by Jeffersonian architecture. Vast windows spanning two floors cover the majority of the exterior walls. The remaining walls feature a traditional red brick façade trimmed by white columns and a grand rotunda - its dome is copper clad and features a skylight at the top to shed light to all three floors. With large open floor plan, the building serves as a first stop for prospective students and their families, housing a visitors’ center, meeting rooms, and a plethora of office space.
  • St. Andrew's Catholic Church

    St. Andrew's Catholic ChurchA detailed structural condition assessment of the steeples at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church and a condition assessment of the building envelope of the entire building were performed. An initial preliminary structural condition assessment of the East Steeple identified major structural deterioration and deficiencies in the wood structure. A visual inspection of the steeple exterior was recommended. This required a crane and man-basket. At this point it was decided to inspect the West Steeple and the roof and brick of the entire building.   Options and repairs identified included replacing the copper and slate on the steeples, realigning the steeples, repairing/replacing the wood framing, replacing the steeples entirely, and restoration of the masonry.  The Church elected to have us design insect-resistant steel steeples.  The next phase of this project included design of the new steeples and construction administration for replacement of the steeples and masonry restoration, bid evaluation and recommendation.    
  • Banker Steel

    Banker SteelThis project involved a 12,000 square foot pre-engineered, single-story building addition. The work included the demolition of existing concrete floor slabs, pavements, and structural steel columns and crane girders; excavation, backfill, and grading; concrete footings and floor slab; modifications to the existing steel structure, including new footings and reinforcing existing columns; design, fabrication, and erection of a pre-engineered structure; erection of crane runway beams and rail; and installation of two 10-ton overhead bridge cranes.
  • Boxley Block

    C. L. Lewis & Co. This project consisted of the design of a new 57,000 square foot facility for manufacturing concrete masonry units. The single-story building is primarily a reinforced masonry structure which included foundations for rotating equipment, silos and material handling equipment.  
  • Carbone Process Tower

    Carbone of America

    Master Engineers And Designers, Inc. is providing Structural Design Services for a process tower for Carbone of America in Salem, Virginia. The 75 foot tall structure will house several process vessels and will be configured to be shipped assembled. The tower structure will be made of structural steel. This is the fourth tower for which Master Engineers has provided design services. The assembled tower structure will be shipped to Carbone for installation of vessels, piping and controls, and then proceed to its point of use. The design of the tower structure includes consideration of lifting loads, shipping loads, and final use gravity and lateral loads. Previously designed towers have been shipped to Florida, Louisiana, and South America.

  • RiversEdge Furniture

    Coleman-Glass Construction Co.

    Structural design of a 114,000 square foot pre-engineered building addition. The design included pre-cast tilt-up wall panels that were constructed on site.

  • Confidential Industrial Client

    Confidential Industrial Client

    This project consisted of the design of a new 36,000 square foot storage facility for storage of heavy components. The building is a single-story steel framed structure with rail car access into the facility and rail car parking along the side. Design included structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Storage racks were also part of the design. The floor slab was designed for wheel loads from a sideloader truck used to unload/load railcars, transport, and load/unload racks heavy components.

  • Iron Yard Crane Runway

    Griffin Pipe Products

    This project included a detailed structural condition assessment and the design of modifications and repairs to the Iron Yard Crane Runway structure at Griffin Pipe. The condition assessment included identifying areas of deterioration and/or distress in the structure. The repairs and modifications upgrades the runway current CMAA 70, “Specifications for Top Running Bridge & Gantry Type Multiple Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes”, and AISC, “Manual of Steel Construction – Allowable Stress Design” specifications.

  • New River Castings


    This project involved the repairs of a 178,500 square foot foundry after an in-plant explosion and fire. Significant damage and collapse of portions of the structures occurred at the center of the explosion. The surrounding areas sustained various amounts of damage, including overloading of main structural members and failure of roofing and siding. Engineering consisted of: Detailed structural condition assessment of all structures to identify the extent of damage and determine the repairs necessary to make the facility operational. Design of temporary shoring to stablize structures that were damaged to prevent collapse until rebuild could take place. Design of repairs/modifications to existing structures to remain.

  • Lynchburg City Armory

    City of Lynchburg

    Master Engineers And Designers performed all mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural design of renovations to the historic City Armory to house the Academy, design to add an elevator to the facility, and general upgrade of the “gymnasium” portion of the Armory.

  • Lynchburg Public Library

    City of Lynchburg

    The Lynchburg Public Library and Jones Memorial Libraries share a common building at the corner of Lakeside Drive and Memorial Avenue. In 2007 we assisted the City of Lynchburg by conducting a study of existing HVAC systems and equipment in order to identify deficiencies and make recommendations for improving longevity of the systems in the libraries. Our findings included the need to replace temperature and humidity control equipment for nearly the entire building due to age and condition. Given the estimated cost for making the recommended improvements exceeded what was available in the fiscal 2007/2008 budget, the project was split into two phases. The first phase addressed controls and the second will address the actual heating and cooling equipment. Currently the controls are being replaced with a state-of-the-art direct digital system that will allow for better control of ventilation and comfort. The final phase of design will include replacing much of the HVAC equipment and professional cleaning of the existing duct systems.

  • Percival Island Observation Platform

    City of Lynchburg

    Structural design for the construction of an elevated observation platform on the existing bridge structure of the old railroad bridge to Percival Island.

  • Appomattox Courthouse

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    After initially considering remodeling the existing early 19th century courthouse, it became apparent that Appomattox County would be better served by building a new courthouse right behind the historic structure and separating the current court needs from the original building entirely. Designed in 2003 our project involved supporting the architect with structural, mechanical and electrical designs and construction administration services. The building is two-stories with Juvenile and Domestic Relations, General District and Circuit courtrooms, offices for staff, court clerk’s records areas, judge’s chambers and a sally-port for prisoner transfer. Since completing the project, we have been contracted to design a supplemental direct digital control system to allow for outside/ventilation air volume reduction to the General District Courtroom HVAC system based on real-time measurement of carbon dioxide in the room air. This design is intended to reduce energy consumption and stabilize room relative humidity without impairing comfort in the courtroom.

  • College Hill Water Treatment Plant

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    Master Plan for Water Treatment Plant complex considering facilities (current and future), utilities, workflow, and overall arrangement. Project inlcudes structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design of a new warehouse facility, condition assessment of the historic treatment plant facility, and design to convert the historic building into office spaces.

  • Blacksburg Presbyterian Church

    Balzer Associates

    The project involved renovation of some spaces to create open meeting space next to the existing Nave, adding new toilet rooms, adding air conditioning and replacing some of the existing heating equipment in the church. The engineering design included a water source heat pump system that used an existing boiler for heating the loop water and a new closed circuit cooling tower that was installed in a pit created where an existing fuel oil tank was removed. Additional cooling equipment was added to cool the Nave, Sanctuary and Choir Loft. New electrical circuits were designed to provide power for the new HVAC equipment and lighting.

  • Packet Boat Marshall Cover

    C. L. Lewis & Co.

    Removal of an old fence and structural design of a permanent building to preserve the Packet Boat Marshall and house educational materials. The type of construction and materials used were carefully chosen so that it would appear the structure was built in the same period as the Marshall, right down to the font used on the design drawings.

  • Academy of Music (circa 1905)

    Calloway Johnson Moore & West

    Over the last several years, we have performed the structural engineering and design for the current additions and renovations being done to allow for the reopening of this facility. These projects have included the structural design to restore original window openings, the design to reinforce the structure for wind loads required by current codes, the evaluation of the existing wood roof trusses and the necessary design of modifications to strengthen the trusses. We have also completed all structural design for renovations and additions to not only the original Academy Building, but also two adjoining facilities to become part of the cultural complex. This includes the warehouse theatre that converted a tobacco warehouse from the mid-1800’s into offices and classrooms. The original wood framing and masonry walls were used. The second phase is the design of a new Fly Tower after the old tower was destroyed in a storm.

  • Lynchburg Courthouse Museum (circa 1855)

    City of Lynchburg

    Our design in 1991 included interior renovations to the second floor of the historic former Courthouse building to develop a new display room for exhibits. In order to maintain the historic qualities of the existing building, and due to the fact that funding was not available for complete restoration, our design involved the “construction” of a room within an existing room. The new walls, floor, and ceiling were constructed such that the integrity of the existing historic finishes was not disturbed. This project enabled the Museum System to utilize this area of the historic building, but also maintained the historic finishes in their current condition until such time as funding is available for restoration. A more recent project in 2002 involved a Historic Structural Review and Renovation of the entire facility. This included completing the structural, electrical and fire protection design necessary to stabilize the building, restore its integrity, and bring it in compliance with current codes and museum standards.

  • St. John’s Episcopal Church

    CMA Group

    Evaluation of existing HVAC system. Mechanical, electrical, and structural design for building addition and renovations to existing facility, including the addition of a central chiller system

  • Thomas Road Baptist Church

    Coleman-Glass Construction Co. Thomas Road Baptist church’s Fellowship Hall is tucked into the space between the Main Street, Pate Chapel and the Great Hall. This 16,500 square foot addition provides a new practice and recording space for the choir on the second floor; and allows for large gatherings on the main floor. Structural design for this building was particularly challenging because no existing spaces could be disturbed or prevented from being used during construction. Working with local contractor Coleman-Glass Construction, we were able to develop a plan that would accomplish both requirements. The result is a steel framed structure that cantilevers over the existing great hall. Large 36 inch deep beams were used to carry the floor over the existing space and eight foot deep trusses were required to support the roof.
  • Heritage Baptist Church

    Heritage Baptist Church

    Heritage Baptist Church in Lynchburg contracted Coleman-Adams to provide construction services for a large Sanctuary and Class Room structure. The main building structure consists of a pre-engineered metal building. Master Engineers And Designers, Inc. provided Structural Design Services to Coleman-Adams for foundations, retaining walls, mezzanines, a walkway bridge to the existing facility, opening lintels, and a large screen wall. We also design support steel for a curved theatrical stage curtain for the main platform in the sanctuary.

  • Holy Cross Catholic Church

    Holy Cross Catholic Church

    Structural, mechanical and electrical design and construction administration for replacement of the sanctuary flooring system and upgrades to meet the current building codes. Also worked with the church on demolition of the existing sanctuary floor and organ blower room, asbestos abatement, upgrading the existing boiler room, upgrading the current alarm system, upgrading the current wiring, and protection of Heritage items during construction. An earlier project involved the addition of a Family Life Center.

  • Barnes and Noble

    Coleman-Glass Construction Co.

    Liberty University’s new campus bookstore opened in 2008. It is a 21,000 square foot, two story building and the Jeffersonian style is immediately evident when you see the front portico with its symmetrical white columns extending from the ground to the roof. The main level is home to a traditional Barnes and Noble bookstore that includes a café and patio. The lower level provides the students one central location for purchasing books, school supplies, as well as selling books back at the end of the semester. The building’s main skeleton consists of steel beams and columns and shallow spread foundations, with both elevated concrete floors and a slab on grade. Light gage metal stud shear walls were used to eliminate the need for x-bracing and allow the large windows to bring in lots of natural light. Air conditioning units were placed on the roof where they are mostly hidden by a parapet wall with Architectural detailing.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Riley Dentist Office

    Coleman-Glass Construction Co. Structural design for construction of a 5,500 square foot single floor office building.
  • Ferrum College

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    Mechanical, electrical and plumbing design to renovate an existing dormitory. Project includes air conditioning one wing and replacing an outdated HVAC system in the other. All existing plumbing will be abandoned and replaced with a new system. The electric service will be upgraded to accommodate the new HVAC system.

  • Ferrum College Athletic Facility

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    Structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for a new 27,000 sq. ft., two-story field house is currently in design to create spaces for expansion of academic as well as athletic programs. The new field house will be located adjacent to the existing football, soccer, and baseball fields. General areas will include locker/shower rooms for football, baseball, women’s softball, men and women’s soccer, coaches, and officials. Offices, conference rooms, team rooms, a Hall of Fame trophy room, rehabilitation and treatment areas, and atrium lobby complete the facility. A 4,000 sq. ft. weight room will be constructed for sports training and recreational use.

  • Randolph College

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    Structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for the $15M renovation and additions to the Physical Education and Recreation Facility for Randolph College, including gymnasium, locker facilities, and dance studios. While funding is finalized, existing locker rooms were renovated to accomodate the new male student body.

  • Sweet Briar College, Green Village

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    Structural design for new $3.0M student housing complex with townhouse-style apartments for up to 60 students, featuring living rooms, full kitchens, dining areas, two full baths and single bedrooms. “Green” features were incorporated throughout.

  • Liberty University - Theater in Test Tower

    Liberty University

    A new 600-seat performing arts theater is being constructed within a former test tower of an existing building. New column footings and a sloped floor slab will be up to 8 feet below the existing finished floor elevation.  The entirely new steel support structure within the existing tower space will be exposed and highlighted.  In addition to the elements found in many theaters, catwalks, light towers, an elevated control room and followspot platform, there will be a cantilevered balcony, as well as a ceiling level that will clear span the entire 68 foot width of the tower space.  An existing 100 ton air handling unit will be relocated from a mezzanine in the tower to a platform above the ceiling to serve the theater space, while a new air handling unit will be installed below the roof backstage to serve the stage itself.  The fly tower; rigging support steel and gridiron platform, fit nicely below the existing roof structure, and will be entirely supported by the large existing building columns.  There will be adequate space for rigging, with room for more than 30 electric hoists in this state-of-the-art theater.   The backstage will occupy the existing loading dock and warehouse areas.  The space will be completely remodeled and enlarged by close to 7000 square feet to house theater classrooms and professor offices, a scene shop and scene storage, dressing rooms and costume storage and other support areas.

  • Liberty University Tunnels

    Liberty University

    Master Engineers and Designers (MEAD) is responsible for overall project management of the architectural structural, mechanical, and electrical design. Structural design will include the design of the foundations, tunnel head walls, and developing design drawings – foundation plan, sections and details. Mechanical engineering includes the design of the ventilation and fire protection. Electrical engineering includes the design of the grounding, lighting, and power distribution systems.

  • Bank of the James

    Harrison & Hardison

    Structural, mechanical and electrical design for a new 10,100 square foot, 2-story banking and commercial office facility.

  • Halesford Village

    M & J Developers, LLC

    This project involved the planning and design of a 441,000 square foot multi-use resort building that included approximately 137 condominiums - one, two, three and four bedroom units. Approximately 26,000 square feet of this was conference center/meeting and restaurant space and an 18,000 square foot spa. The building design also included a three-level parking garage allowing for parking at grade and two levels below. Our work included managing engineering and architectural services as well as assisting the Owner with plan review and considerations for phasing construction on a limited site along the shoreline at Smith Mountain Lake.

  • University Mall

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection design and construction administration for a four-story, 80,700 square foot commercial building for mixed use occupancy including professional offices for the Virginia Tech Foundation and University Development, a BB&T Office and insurance offices, and additional main level tenant spaces. A pedestrian bridge spans between the building and a new 387 space parking deck.

  • Truck Enterprises, Inc.

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    Structrural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for a 40,000 square foot structure that included a pre-engineering building warehouse/distribution center, 16 bay maintenance and service area and sales and administration offices. 6,000 sqft “L” shaped administration and business offices were designed with colored masonry veneer and metal stud wall system. The project was designed and constructed in a 16 month time frame and within a constrained $3.75 million dollar total project budget.

  • Bluffwalk Hotel & Conference Center

    Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

    Structural design and performance specifications for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for the renovation of two historic structures into AAA-rated four diamond hotel, conference center, restaurant, and pub.

  • Lynchburg Nissan

    Coleman-Glass Construction Co.

    Structural design for a new 30,000 square foot facility including a showroom, customer serive center, and full service shop located on the first floor and office and training/meeting space on the second floor. The shop area is a pre-engineered building and the show room/office areas are traditional steel beam and column construction. The design also includes a rotating vehicle platform to highlight vehicle specials.

  • Lynchburg Mazda

    Coleman-Glass Construction Co.

    Pre-engineered building foundation design of a new 19,000 square foot facility including showroom, full service shop, offices and meeting space.

  • California Splash

    California SplashStructural foundation designs for a water park in Vacaville, CA.
  • Agrium Rebuild

    Blair Construction Company

    Structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design on Agrium’s new warehouse / distribution center. The project includes a 27,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 2,000 sq. ft. maintenance building. The facility will have the capacity to store 12,000 tons of fertilizer. The Bulk Warehouse will include a rail car and truck unloading area, six bulk storage areas, a truck loading area, an office/control room, and associated equipment such as conveyors, bucket elevators, hoppers, and scales for transferring the material. The Shop/Equipment Building will include a rest room (handicap accessible), parts area, and monorail with a 2-ton hoist. Product will be received by rail and distributed by tractor trailer trucks.

  • Oak Ridge Carriage House

    Balzer Associates

    Mechanical, electrical and plumbing design of an addition to the historic Carriage House. The addition will serve as a banquet facility for large and small gatherings. Design was completed to evoke the same charm and aesthetics of the historic facility.

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