Lynchburg Courthouse Museum (circa 1855)

City of Lynchburg

Our design in 1991 included interior renovations to the second floor of the historic former Courthouse building to develop a new display room for exhibits. In order to maintain the historic qualities of the existing building, and due to the fact that funding was not available for complete restoration, our design involved the “construction” of a room within an existing room. The new walls, floor, and ceiling were constructed such that the integrity of the existing historic finishes was not disturbed. This project enabled the Museum System to utilize this area of the historic building, but also maintained the historic finishes in their current condition until such time as funding is available for restoration. A more recent project in 2002 involved a Historic Structural Review and Renovation of the entire facility. This included completing the structural, electrical and fire protection design necessary to stabilize the building, restore its integrity, and bring it in compliance with current codes and museum standards.

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