Appomattox Courthouse

Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners

After initially considering remodeling the existing early 19th century courthouse, it became apparent that Appomattox County would be better served by building a new courthouse right behind the historic structure and separating the current court needs from the original building entirely. Designed in 2003 our project involved supporting the architect with structural, mechanical and electrical designs and construction administration services. The building is two-stories with Juvenile and Domestic Relations, General District and Circuit courtrooms, offices for staff, court clerk’s records areas, judge’s chambers and a sally-port for prisoner transfer. Since completing the project, we have been contracted to design a supplemental direct digital control system to allow for outside/ventilation air volume reduction to the General District Courtroom HVAC system based on real-time measurement of carbon dioxide in the room air. This design is intended to reduce energy consumption and stabilize room relative humidity without impairing comfort in the courtroom.

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