25th Anniversary Open House

Master Engineers And Designers, Inc. is a service company. We are the people who work here offering our experience, expertise, and intelligence and directly determine the success of Master Engineers by the value we provide to our clients. Our relationships with our clients depend on mutual trust based on our integrity and ability to provide answers to the challenges of design.

In order to provide high quality services, we have assembled a team of professionals in the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Structural Disciplines. With this team, we work with our clients and other disciplines to provide coordinated designs.

Dave Cundiff, Chris Snyder, Greg Williams, and Troy Emerson provide Mechanical and Plumbing expertise. Troy also doubles as a Structural Designer.

Walt Miles, John Rosser, and Joe Davis provide Electrical designs for Power, Lighting, and Control Systems.

Gary Loomis, Randy Parrish, Jeanne Kirby, Mike Easley, and Steve Farmer design Structures and Foundations.

Anderia Thacker fills a number of roles, including Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Manager, Scheduler, Insurance Rep, and general resolver of issues.

Karen Roach provides the glue that connects the pieces together. She is Receptionist, Specification Writer, Report Writer, Letter Writer, Master Mailer, Events Coordinator, Courier, and Purchaser of Important Stuff.

We are blessed to have this group of dedicated people to continue the legacy established by Charlie Parker and Anderia Thacker, the former owners of Master Engineers.

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